My conviction in Jesus Christ started in 1987.

Prior to that date I always considered myself a Christian. I attended Sunday school when young. My belief was shaken though in 1985 during an English class debate at high school. The topic was "God vs Evolution". I was on the side of God and our team was comprehensively beaten.

This was the start of my search for answers.
Is there a God?
Were we evolved?
How did the universe come into being?

I poured into books on religion, mysticism, spiritualism and science. I wanted proof. I wanted answers.

One night February 1987 I prayed to God and asked if he could send me two angels to show me a miracle. I made a point that night if I do not get an answer I would be a non-believer.

The next morning two men approached me in the mall and started telling me about their personal experience with God. They told me how they received the Holy Spirit and their lives changed. I was invited to their church and saw the people there full of joy an conviction in their belief.

I got down on my knees and started praying, "God if you are real prove to me". Immediately I was speaking another language, a language I do not understand. I was shown in the bible in the book of Acts chapter 2 how the disciples of Jesus all spoke in "tongues" when they received the Holy Spirit. I knew at that time God is real.
That was the start of my conviction and true belief.

I did not hesitate to get baptised by full immersion just as Jesus was baptised. Since then I have seen numerous miracles in my life.
My two sons are miracles babies because we were told my wife would not be able to conceive. They are now 10 and 8 years old.