I first heard about being baptised by full immersion and receiving the Holy Spirit, as evidenced by speaking in tongues, from an acquaintance in May 1984.  It was a month later when she told me about the change that had taken place in her life, that I became a little interested. 

Being Asian and unable to speak in any of the Chinese dialects, I was intrigued as to how I could “speak in tongues”. 

After attending some meetings, I became convicted enough by what I had been shown in the Bible to ask to be baptised.  However, I was afraid to receive the Holy Spirit. 

About a fortnight later I heard myself speak in tongues as I drove down Bagot Road. I had challenged God to fill me His Holy Spirit if this was how I was to be right with Him. The joy that came into my life at that moment has never left and the nagging emptiness in my life was plugged. 

I thank the Lord for calling me and for all the healing needs He has met over the years. Most of all, I thank Him for putting me in a right relationship with Him. It has given me salvation for my soul (which I doubted I even had) and put my life in order.