My name is Mikeh – I was saved from a life filled with nightclubs, alcohol and drugs. I was born into a family that had already received the Holy Spirit as promised by God. 
I received the Holy Spirit and was baptised at the age of 8 years old. As a young kid I didn’t appreciate what I had received, so I didn’t read or pray at all. I was easily tempted by my worldly friends and wanted to be just like them. After many years of being a fraud I was ‘busted’ smoking and thought that was my ticket out of the church where I was only seat warming. I wanted to be out with my friends, going out on Saturday nights, partying and sleeping in on Sundays like my friends. It seemed more fun. I was deceived by these things.

I left the church at 17 yrs old and was in the world until the age of 31.  In that time I wanted to be well known as the one who enjoyed all the worldly pleasures available.  I got involved in nightclubbing, drinking, smoking and drug use in a way that was the envy of worldly friends around me. I knew nightclub owners, bouncers and staff, I didn’t pay or wait for entry nor drinks, I was always in VIP booths. Yet I always new the life I was living was wrong. I couldn’t deny the truth, I couldn’t deny the Holy Spirit. 

I remember waking up at night during wet season thunderstorms with my heart sinking to the floor thinking the Lord is returning and I am not going to make it. I would apologise to God and say that I was going to come back, but I didn’t. This went on for years. 

Eventually one early morning at an after-party a girl came in to see what sort of a mess we had made of ourselves. She stayed for a while then said she was leaving to go to church. That really hurt me, knowing that I had the truth and was a spirit filled person. I felt like I was one of that crowd who delivered Jesus to the cross and spat on Him. I had to leave the party and wanted to cry out to God but I knew I was full of drugs and alcohol and delayed praying. A couple of days later a simple discussion with my brother cut me deeply and I contacted my cousin to ask whether there was a way I could return to church.  I did this knowing I would be leaving all the things that the world considers normal. I then had a conversation with my pastor and when he challenged me about why I wanted to return all I could do was sob.

I praise God that he pricked me over those years, and that I have now come back to my ‘home’ and a place of peace and comfort. I am now active in the church and visit other fellowships, including in other countries. I have peace of mind now and even slept through our last season of lightning and thunder without any concern or worry.